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Every extra glass of wine or pint of beer takes you closer to death, says study

Every extra glass of wine or pint of beer takes you closer to death, says study

It is now out in the open – Americans are drinking too much alcohol which, according to researchers, can reduce their life expectancy. The mushrooming of more and more alcohol addiction centers across the United States also serves as a testament to the above fact.

This should be considered as a warning signal not just for people who indulge in heavy drinking but also for those who follow the U.S. government dietary guidelines, thinking that they are protected from the ill effects of alcohol. According to a recent study, led by Angela Wood of the University of Cambridge, alcohol is slowly cutting short human lives by months and even years. On drinking wine or beer above the recommended limit (consuming three glasses of wine a night), a 40-year-old stands to lose about an hour per day from his/her expected lifespan. The study said that 100 gram of alcohol or 12.5 units a week was the upper safe limit.

The study, recently published in The Lancet, is based upon the analysis of the data derived from 600,000 drinkers of 19 countries. Close to half of the partakers testified drinking more than 100 gram per week, and that’s not all, about 8.4 percent reported drinking in excess of 350 gram per week. This clearly highlighted the fact that the U.S. government’s recommendation for alcohol consumption was in no way in sync with the ground reality and must be brought below 100 gram or seven drinks. Anything more than that is sure to have adverse health effects and decrease the life expectancy of a person.

Elaborating on the study, co-author of the study Dan G. Blaze of the Duke University said, “This study has shown that drinking alcohol at levels which were believed to be safe is actually linked with lower life expectancy and several adverse health outcomes.”

200-300 gram alcohol per week reduces life expectancy by 1-2 years

According to the study, consuming 100-200 gram of alcohol per week is enough to decrease the life expectancy of a person by nearly 6 months. An intake of 200-300 gram of alcohol per week reduces the life expectancy by 1-2 years and more than 350 gram per week cuts short one’s life by roughly 5 years.

“A serious wakeup call for many countries,” is what Prof. Jeremy Pearson, medical director, British Heart Foundation, said about the study. Not only the U.S., even in countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy, the recommended limits for alcohol consumption exceeds the threshold. The study also brought to light that 50 per cent of the participants across 19 countries drank more than 100 gram each week. This is alarming considering the fact that alcohol intake in excess is a sure invitation to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The dietary guidelines set forth by the U.S. government include suggestions on alcohol consumption. The guidelines are intended to make Americans who are above the drinking age limit aware of the ill effects of alcohol, if not taken in moderation.

Time to fight addiction

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), close to 88,000 died alone in the U.S. from 2006 to 2010 due to excessive alcohol intake. Moreover, binge drinking is associated with a range of health issues, including mental problems, addiction, violent crimes and sexually transmitted diseases.

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